International Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage

Choosing a proficient customs brokerage service for import shipments, especially from countries like China, is critical for smooth customs clearance.

A knowledgeable customs broker understands the intricacies of import regulations and works closely with relevant authorities to ensure compliance and expedite the clearance process.

By partnering with an experienced customs brokerage service, businesses can minimize the risk of delays, penalties, and additional costs associated with customs issues. This allows them to maintain supply chain continuity, meet market demand promptly, and establish a reputation for reliability and professionalism in their import operations.

We have expanded our freight forwarding expertise from domestic to international level to be able to integrate and more value to our customers, and make their logistics experience seamless, and easy expanding our international services to assist more businesses that also helps or perseverig SMEs.

List of international sea freight forwarding and customs brokerage services:

  • • Full container load (FB, EXW, etc.)
  • • Less than contaner load
  • • Loose cargoes / Project cargoes (FOB, EXW, etc.)
  • • For more savings, we can extend more services due to our extensive experience in supply chain and logistics


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