ERNEST LOGISTICS SERVICE started in April of 2009 as a trucking business providing containerized hauling of cargoes for the domestic market but the young businessman has a larger vision and greater determination to expand his business which eventually leads to the launching of its freight management and domestic forwarding services in the very same year. Difficulties and disappointments in starting the business were encountered and eventually were understandable but Jan Ernest Go, the young entrepreneur only showed optimism and relentless determination.


WE ARE COMMITTED to change the world by delivering simple, effective, and innovative logistics and transportation solutions.


TO BE THE GLOBAL PARTNER of every business and become their top choice in supply chain, freight, and total logistics.


Over the years, Ernest Logistics Corporation remains consistent with its services of providing reliable, competent and progressive B2B or business-to-business logistics solutions from trucking, to containers, to consolidations, and recently, as it assists more SMEs venturing to China importation, via Loose-Cargo-Load sea-freight.


The gold emblem in Ernest signifies the commitment of the company in taking care of the customer’s shipments deemed “as precious as gold”. It is its mission, that amid the pandemic, that its services have remained operational so it can fulfill deliveries within the country to sustain supplies in food, building materials and others to make the economy afloat thus #CommittedToDeliver #TunayNaMaaasahan