How to Choose the Best Freight Forwarder in the Philippines?

In the modern way of doing business, businesses find suppliers on the internet. The companies that come on top of the search results are probably the best ones. But the internet algorithm might not be the same as how things work in the real world. So, how to choose the Best Freight Forwarder in the Philippines?

Logistics, in the very literal sense, is the coordinated and organized movement of goods following specific processes using various transport equipment. It literally sounds mechanical. What we see on the internet as we search may get in the way in our decisions when finding the best freight forwarding company for our business. We’ve narrowed down the ways of finding the Best Freight Forwarder in the Philippines aside from what the search results might say:

Capabilities and Capacity
When getting a logistics provider for your business, the first you want to know is whether the company who will take care of this aspect of your business are the pros.

What can they move?
Know exactly what a Best Freight Forwarder company can carry with all their existing carriers – trucks, ships and planes. Trucks are the most important of all as these are the carrier in between the larger ones. Having a large fleet of trucks in tip-top condition is a plus factor for choosing the Best Freight Forwarder company.

Their capacity to take in sea freight projects is also an avenue for their clients to reach out to more locations and more consumers. Not all freight forwarders own a shipping vessel but it is a must for an excellent freight forwarder to have a wide network of carriers to the major ports in the Philippines.

Companies that own cargo planes in the Philippines are usually the top passenger carriers as well. Top freight forwarders in the Philippines must be in touch with these

Where can they move it?
Freight forwarders with a fleet of trucks can transport your goods to almost any point in the Philippines whether it is purely by land or from land to port to be loaded on a ship.

Likewise, your freight forwarder should have access through these major ports in the Philippines, namely, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa Palawan, Roxas City, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran Bohol, Tacloban, Ormoc, Zamboanga, Dipolog, Iligan, Ozamis, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Davao, Gen. Santos City, Cotabato.

How will they move it?
For Logistics to be successful, it should be a set of detailed processes that work seamlessly and efficiently. The Best Freight Forwarder for your business is the one that can make these processes simple and effective. With much or little resources and equipment, whether they own all types of carriers or not, an efficient logistics provider make things happen.

Aside from the equipment they possess, let their financial capacity be a salient part of how you will assess your future logistics provider. Their financial security means yours too once you partner with them to move your goods.

It is every company’s due diligence to make sure that all permits and accreditations necessary for their business to operated is updated annually or as the law requires. It is also essential for a company in the lookout for a partner logistics company to thoroughly screen the compliances of their future partner. For a logistics provider, it’s a must to present the following documents:

  • Bureau of Internal Revenue Certificate of Registration
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue Audited Financial Statement for the Current Year
  • DTI Accreditation Certificate (For Accredited Freight Forwarding Companies)
  • Security and Exchange Commissions (SEC) Certificate
  • List of Past and Current Clients

Track Record and Reputation
Aside from the currently-dated DTI accreditation which proves that the company you are dealing with is not a fly-by-night or a blacklisted freight forwarder, the role of the internet will be powerful on this aspect. It is easier to check a company’s reputation and track record through their website, social media platforms and online reviews.

Likewise, take time to call the companies appearing on the list of past and present clients submitted to you for verification and direct feedback from clients. Previous and present clients are the best source of recommendation and feedback about your prospective partners.

Business Organisation
The stability of the organization is driven by different factors. The head of the organization must be equipped with knowledge, expertise, charisma, and good reputation. These qualities are channeled to the rest of the organization through the business’ vision and mission. A great leader has empowered employees. And these employees take care of the business well.

Check on the growth of the business and knowing more about their future plans can help you determine if your business goals are aligned.

Is Ernest Logistics Corporation the Best Freight Forwarder company for your business? Let’s both find out and start the incoming year right.

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