Holiday Season? ELC Is Ready For You!

For small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), a busy holiday season can make—or break—the year. A rush of product orders can provide a welcome revenue boost, if you’re prepared. But if not, you may run out of popular items, and be forced to either expedite orders, which can be an expensive proposition, or lose customers and business.

The key to making this holiday season (and any other busy time, for that matter) a great one: To make effective plans address your end-to-end process from the materials needed to make the product, to the customer service experience. 

Here are fine-tune transportation strategies for this holiday season:


The holiday season usually calls out for managing a large amount of stocks and delivering it to the consumers. It is essential that all entities along the supply chain such as buyers, suppliers and us in ELC communicate our goals, expectations and performance metrics so that everyone is on the same page. 


At ELC, our fleet of trucks is equipped with Global Position Systems (GPS) which gives us real-time and on-the-spot report of our trucks—enabling us to heighten our security methods on product damage or late delivery, improve our monitoring system on bottlenecks or specific incidents and give our customers the utmost peace of mind on the whereabouts of their products. 


During the holidays, most companies create promotional campaigns that appeal well to their market. At ELC, we make sure that no matter the bulk and volume of logistics demand it may be, we exert our best effort to provide quality-conditioned trucks so when our partner companies’ necessity comes, our shipping service stays reliable.


At ELC, we make sure that if there’s an issue to be addressed, or queries about the status of the cargoes, our customer service is made easier and more accessible for our customers 24/7. They can choose to either book online, download or view reports and even chat with our customer relations officer who can help keep things running as smoothly as possible. 


If there is a shortage of container vans during the holidays, good thing is, ELC operates its own container freight stations, perform quality assurance and positively increase the turnaround of trucks to make sure that operational deficiencies at the port are significantly reduced.

ELC makes sure to devote adequate time to supply chain planning—from spikes in product demand, to treacherous weather, this ensures us and our clients that they aren’t left scrambling when the busy season arrives and that both parties sail smoothly through the holidays.

ICT Admin

Ernest Logistics Corporation