Frequently Asked Questions

What is Management?

Freight management is the modern and most comprehensive form of freight forwarding involving major operational activities in planning, execution, monitoring and freight development.

Why choose a freight forwarder?

To some, logistics and freight forwarding companies are unnecessary costs but when you weigh in the advantages and benefits, you will be able to see that freight forwarders help a lot in the efficient and effective distribution of your cargoes because it helps you concentrate in improving your primary activities such as marketing, sales, and operations enabling you to eliminate wasteful practices from investing in secondary activities which you can outsource to freight forwarders who are more experienced and skilled in this activity and later on lead you to benefits such as but not limited to.

Why Ernest Logistics Corporation?

Other freight forwarders or logistics company settle and rely on penetration pricing strategies to rapidly win accounts even without realizing its weaknesses. Our company differs by offering competitive and reasonable rates to the market that enables us to still perform at premium services. We compete in such a way that long term views are seen and threats considered, making it a win-win scenario for our clients and customers.

How is your services different from others?

Ernest Logistics Corporation operates on a multi-service provider set up which provides more flexibility in schedules and services.

What is the basis of FCL cargoes?

FCL cargoes are based on the container size, weight and value of the cargo. 10, 20 and 40 footer for the sizes, 09Tons per 10 footer, 18 Tons per 20 footer and 20 Tons per 40 footer for the weight restriction and Php250,000.00 per 10 footer, Php500,000.00 per 20 footer and Php1,000,000.00 per 40 footer on value limitation. This applies only to general cargoes and full container

What is the basis of LCL cargoes?

LCL is based on the volume (cbm), weight and value of the cargo. The cubic meter of the cargo which is computed by multiply all the sides (Length, Width and Height) in meters, the actual weight which is limited to 150 Kilos per cbm and value limit at Twenty thousand pesos (PHP20, 000.00).


CFS stands for Container Freight Station. It is our headquarters which has the capacity to secure our fleet, has at least three (3) loading bays for our LCL, our operational container yard that can accommodate at least fifteen (15) Twenty Footer equivalent unit (TEUs) and a forklift equipment.

How is LCL done at your CFS?

Our process is done in four (4) easy steps: Book, Process, Pay and Load which will take estimated thirty (30) minutes to finish.

How to book or arrange your cargoes?

The customer may either call our customer relations department (+632 8 709 7168 ) or use our Ernest Integrated Operations System (EIOS) for online bookings. All bookings must be made at least one (1) day prior to actual date of service.

How long is your lead time?

  • If the requirement is containerized trucking, the truck usually is able to deliver or pick-up within the day.
  • If the requirement is Full Container Load (Domestic), within 1–2 days for Visayas and within 3–6 days for Mindanao on Pier to Pier services. Transit time is estimate and may change
  • If the requirement is Rolling Cargo (RC) ), within 1–2 days for Visayas and within 3–6 days for Mindanao on Pier to Pier services. Transit time is estimate and may change
  • If the requirement is Less than Container Load (LCL) 3 – 5 days for cargo consolidation, within 1–2 days for Visayas and 3–6 days for Mindanao on Pier to Pier services. Transit time is estimate and may change
  • If the requirement is Domestic Air freight, within Twnety four (24) – Forty eight (48) hours upon booking depending on the requirement of the customer. Transit time is estimate and may change

How do you ensure security of our cargoes?

  • Cargo Insurance on General Cargoes.
  • Our trucks are equipped with Global Positioning System Device (GPS) which enable 24/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 Monitoring team focused on truck movement
  • Company security and escort is provided on highly valuable cargoes
  • Ernest Logistics Container Freight Station (CFS) has the ability to assess and repair damages on container vans even prior to allocation to customers.
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