Ernest Logistics Corporation

Logistics Company

Our Mission


We are committed to change the world by delivering simple, innovative, and effective logistics and transportation solutions.

Our Vision


To be the global partner of every business and become their number one choice in supply chain, freight, and total logistics.

Company Core Values

check-yellow  Customer centered organization

check-yellow  Innovation

check-yellow  Commitment

check-yellow  Strong Work Ethic

check-yellow  Efficiency

check-yellow  Efficacy

check-yellow  Team Work

check-yellow  Accountability

check-yellow  Integrity

Taking the business to the next level

In April 24th 2009, a sole proprietor business was registered under the Department of Industry (DTI) to cater to corporate clients requiring commercial transport of goods or haulage / trucking solutions from Manila to any point in Luzon. It took VISION and DETERMINATION, for its founder who at that time was only 21 years old to establish his small business under the trade name, ERNEST LOGISTICS SERVICE.

Difficulties during the start-up period of the small business were evident but the young entrepreneur only showed optimism and relentless determination. His idea was to provide simple, effective, and innovative transportation solutions guided by his own personal values of excellence and to create solid partnerships and business relations. In the very same year, hard work had finally paid-off and in October of 2009, the small business launched its core business, its freight management solutions that catered to corporate clients requiring transportation to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

In March 15, 2012 the sole proprietor business registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and was incorporated to what it is now today as Ernest Logistics Corporation.

Ernest Logistics Corporation