Hiring an Outsourced Trucking Company as a Business Strategy

Nowadays, hiring an outsourced trucking company has already become a constant part of the business strategies of manufacturing companies as well as retailers and wholesalers. Because these businesses require transport and movement of cargoes, they avail the services of third party providers to either handle their overall trucking needs or to simply serve as a back-up to their own fleet.

How Does It Become an Effective Business Strategy?

A business strategy basically aims to achieve the desired outcomes of a company. Trucking companies in the Philippines, such as Ernest Logistics Corporation, leverage on their own equipment and operations to ensure that their clients wouldn’t just meet their desired ends, but also have a competitive advantage to their business rivals. Therefore, we can conclude that working with a third-party trucking provider becomes an effective business strategy because of these five points.

a. Brand new and well-maintained vehicles

Reliable trucking companies only avail brand new vehicles to ensure the safety of their cargoes, and the efficiency of their daily operations. In addition, their trucks and other vehicles also go through regular maintenance services. This is also why some companies rely on third-party trucking providers as a back-up for their older fleet.

b.  Good Quality Standards

Many trucking providers, including Ernest Logistics Operations, improve their business  processes through a quality management system. Also, known as the ISO 9001, this international standard also helps the company reduce waste, offer training opportunities to staff, lower operational costs without setting aside the quality of services, and more.

c. Professional Customer Relations/Services

With a third-party provider, the client can be at ease knowing that the drivers, dispatchers, and the rest of the staff are oriented to provide the best customer services possible. These people are also trained to handle irate customers due to unwelcome delays on deliveries, etc.

d. Technology

Trucking companies that also leverage on technology and innovation make it easier for clients to track their cargoes, update their inventory, and prevent any form of loss. Some examples of such leverages include an updated online tracking software, installment of GPS trackers to delivery trucks, installment of vehicle dash cameras that are viewable by the clients, and more.

e. Reasonable rates

Although not considered cheap, many trucking companies in the Philippines offer reasonable charges that still way more affordable than spending on your own fleet and operation costs.

Ernest Logistics Corporation, for instance, is also SLA-oriented which helps clients secure their finances and follow their preferred operational timelines.

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