Peak Season Shipping Warnings & Tips 2017

Truth be told, there are numerous risks attached to cargos during peak season (which is usually during “ber” months). Aside from giving you a heads-up, this article also entails to give you some tips to prevent the said risks from happening.

Warning # 1: The risk of theft is higher during the peak season.

This risk is more rampant with international cargo. According to FleetOwner of the USA, cargo theft has increased during the fourth quarter of the previous years in the USA.

Tip # 1: Avail a cargo insurance.

Aside from being more vigilant, it’s best to avail cargo insurance from the freight services provider. This can secure that your packages would reach their destination or at least be returned in case of theft. The premium often varies depending on the mode of transit and the specific needs of the client.

Warning # 2: There are bigger chances of delays in cargo delivery.

Companies, retailers, and even individuals send tens of thousands of bulk packages during the holidays. Hence, the volume of cargos doubles (or even triples) during the peak season. Since the space of aircraft and ships for cargo is limited, the delivery time of cargo during the peak season gets delayed up to several weeks especially for international packages.

Tip # 2: Ship your cargo as early as possible.

The more you delay sending the cargo, the less chance that your packages will come on time. Don’t wait for the majority. If possible, buy the gifts or items now; pack or wrap them asap; and bring them to the freight or shipping company, stat.

Warning # 3: There’s a bigger possibility that freight companies would add extra fees for their services.

Because of the increase in demand, many cargo companies also add a little amount to the price of their services mainly because they hire additional people during the peak season. This is quite normal although not all companies do it.

Tip # 3: Look for a company that doesn’t charge more during the peak season.

However, if you weren’t able to find one, the best tip we could give you is the same as tip number two. Ship your cargo as early as now to avoid the extra charges that the companies usually add between the middle of November and end of December.

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