Inland Freight and Trucking Solutions in the Philippines

Inland freight refers to the transport of cargoes by land means. Globally, inland freight can be classified as road transport and rail transport. Road transport uses various types of trucks while rail transport utilizes the railway system. In the Philippines, trucking services are the primary means of inland freight. Ernest Logistics Corporation offers inland freight solutions throughout the Philippines.

Advantages of Inland Freight

Most parts of the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila are accessible to major thoroughfares. Inland freight is the most suitable for your business if you are looking for the following:

  1. A variety of truck size options

    With a variety of truck size options, you can be assured that moving your cargoes by land is taken care of by Ernest Logistics Solutions. Choose from these truck sizes in our fleet:

    Straight Truck, Closed Vans

    Perfect for transport of smaller items such as home and office furniture or appliances. These normally come in 4-wheel and 6-wheel variants. This type of truck is the top choice for short-distance and immediate delivery needs.

    Winged Van

    A type of van which roof and sides can be opened up for easy access of forklift for cargo handling. There are 6-wheel and 10-wheel variants of this van with 5T and 20T capacity, respectively.

    Trailer Trucks

    These trucks support both standard 20 and 40 container vans. The container will be mounted on the truck’s body and transported to the intended destination. This is the best solution for a pier to door freight without the need to unload and load the cargoes.

    Flatbed, Modular, Project Cargo Trucks

    These three are different in nature and can offer different trucking support because of their versatility. But these cater best to cargoes with irregular sizes, shapes and are heavy like project cargoes. Imagine transporting turbines, industrial boilers, or a wing of an airplane,

  2. Easy to plan and coordinate pick up and drop off points

    Our trucking services can also be planned depending on your need. We support multiple pickups and multiple drop-offs as well. Our Customer Relations Department would be happy to help you plan a seamless transport of your cargoes.

  3. Re-routing options

    Unlike air freight and sea freight, it is much easier to carry out last minute changes on the route via inland freight. You can avoid delays caused by road closures, heavy traffic situations, traffic re-routing, etc.

  4. Real-time monitoring of shipment

    Ernest Logistics Corporation equipped its fleet of trucks with GPS for real-time monitoring and tracking of your shipment. No more guesswork and no more call follow-ups just to track.

  5. Security escort for high-value cargo

    High-value cargoes include but are not limited to high-value art pieces, pharmaceuticals and research items, jewelry and hi-priced electronics. These items cannot be exposed to risks of theft, damages and delays. With cargoes like these, Ernest Logistics Corporation can provide security escort and well-planned and secure transport.

  6. Challenges of Inland Freight in the Philippines

    Despite the benefits of inland freight, this type of freight option face challenges in the Philippines:

  7. Truck ban in Metro Manila

    Whether we like it or not, the traffic situation in Metro Manila is getting worse. At this point, solutions for this problem are merely experimental. That includes the implementation of the total truck ban in EDSA and truck ban in major roads during rush hour. This is apart from the autonomous implementation of the truck ban of bigger cities like Pasig City where some big warehouses are. This results in the outpour of heavy vehicles right after the window, causing a bigger volume of vehicles on the road.

  8. Weight limit and restrictions of roads in rural areas

    The Philippines has ample seaports to choose from. Each business is around 100kms away from the nearest port and it is easy to do short haul land freight. However, in most provinces, weight limits are imposed. If this is the case, transfer of cargoes from a container to several smaller trucks is necessary.

  9. Oil price hike

    The implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN Law affecting the excise tax on gasoline; the declining purchase power of the Philippine Peso; and the oil price increase in the global market are all affecting the local oil prices. This increase is directly affecting the transport and logistics business.

  10. Changes in weather

    No freight forwarding solution is weather-proof Even the biggest trucks can experience a delay in transporting the good due to poor road conditions during typhoons. The safe transport of the cargoes is always the top priority over speed.

  11. Accidents and breakdown

    Most delays experienced in inland freight are caused by road accidents and vehicular breakdowns. Ernest Logistics Corporation takes pride in its fleet of new and well-maintained trucks. Because we want to guarantee safety of your cargo and avoid vehicular-related delays.

  12. Book for Trucking Services

    Commissioning trucking services in the Philippines should be simple, innovative and effective. Get in touch with our Customer Relations Department and let us help you with your inland freight service needs.

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