Balikbayan Boxes and Domestic Freight Forwarder in the Philippines

The holiday season brings cheer to everyone. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) from all over the world are now busy packing their gifts to fill balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. Some of it might already be in transit.

Balikbayan boxes or repatriate boxes is something unique to Filipinos. Since we are the largest nation to send overseas workers, this became a part of our culture.

These balikbayan boxes are more than just chocolates, toothpaste, toiletries and clothes. These items are the OFWs ways to express their love across the miles.

Not all OFWs can afford to go home over the holidays. Most of them find time throughout the year to score deals from shops and send treats and gifts home for the Christmas season.

How do OFWs Send Balikbayan Boxes to the Philippines?

There are three standard sizes of balikbayan boxes:

Available sizes:

  • Medium – 18x16x16 inches
  • Large – 18x18x24 inches
  • Extra Large – 24x18x24 inches

OFWs usually send 2 or more boxes depending on the season. Christmas season is the busiest season for Philippine airports and seaports – with more passengers and more cargoes coming in.

Balikbayan boxes usually contain items that have a long shelf life and non-expiring goods. Sea freight or sea cargo is the most preferred means to transport it from abroad to the Philippines because it is cheaper.

Once it reaches the Philippines, it will undergo Customs clearing. After clearing, it will be released to the intended recipient. The sender may also opt to make arrangements so the international freight forwarder will take charge of the transport locally.

The recipient can also make arrangements locally with a trucking company for inland freight. For a more detailed planning, you might need the help of a local freight management company.

What to Look for in a Freight Forwarder in the Philippines?

Are you sending a balikbayan box to the Philippines? Or are you receiving balikbayan boxes in Manila?

Do you need a trucking service or sea freight expert to help you bring it to major cities in the Philippines?

Here’s how you should choose your logistics provider in Manila and send your balikbayan boxes home:

  1. Check DTI Accreditation
    Choose a trustworthy freight forwarder. If you are sending a balikbayan from Manila to any major city in the Philippines, DTI gives confidence to the consumers through this list of accredited freight forwarders.

    Ernest Logistics Corporation is among the accredited freight forwarders in this list.

  2. Decide what logistics services will you need
    OFWs from all over the world send different items yearly. This depends on the special items they can find from the country they are in.

    OFWs in Japan usually send electronic devices and personal care products to their relatives. Those in UAE enjoy less to zero Tax Rate so they usually buy TVs and entertainment systems for their families.

    Singapore has a tech fair and tech sale during the 3rd quarter of the year making watches, gadgets and accessories cheaper.

    If the items you are sending won’t fit a regular size balikbayan box, those are classified as odd-shaped cargoes. You need an equipped and trusted logistics provider to take care of that in the Philippines.

  3. Get a quotation
    With less than two months to plan, you need a reliable and easy to reach logistics provider. You need assistance to identify what your needs are:

    • Sea freight from abroad
    • Sea freight to a major port in the Philippines
    • Inland freight or trucking services in Metro Manila
    • Inland freight or trucking services outside Metro Manila
    • Special handling needs

    Save yourself from too much cost on freight services. Start exploring your options through an all-in-one trucking, sea cargo and air freight company, like Ernest Logistics Corporation.

Just get in touch with our Customer Relations Department at or through our Facebook Page, to get a quote.

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