Air Cargo in the Philippines

There is no doubt that when it comes to speed, air cargo is the most reliable. But with more factors to consider, will it work for your business? We have narrowed down the top reasons why and how air freight works. Likewise, we couldn’t miss all the other factors to consider before you go ahead and book an air cargo service in the Philippines.

Advantages of air freight

  1. Speed and scheduled time of departed/arrival

    Domestically, there are hundreds of flights to choose from daily. Each major airport is only an hour or a little less than 2 hours away from each other. Philippine Airlines, the flag carrier airline of the Philippines cater to international and domestic shipments bound for 11 major airports in the country. With that in mind, you can be assured that you have at least 2 or more flight schedules to look at. And the recipient just needs to rely on the estimated time of arrival of the airline to receive the shipment on the other side of the county.

  2. The shipping process is easier

    Air cargoes don’t usually need complicated packaging specifications. Air freight is usually less bumpy and has less impact on the cargo compared with sea freight and inland freight.

  3. Lower insurance cost

    The shorter transit period makes the freight insurance lower compared with a 3-7 days sea freight.

  4. High level of security

    Airports have stricter security measures and more sophisticated security machines than seaports. No flammable, toxic or radioactive items are allowed on board the plane so you can be assured of your shipment’s safety.

  5. More efficient customs clearance

    Documentation and customs clearance is also easier to deal with via air freight versus sea freight. Shipments are tagged and identified individually. It is highly unlikely for your cargoes to be found bundled with high-risk cargoes and will be held for clearing. This a common problem on containerized cargoes.

Disadvantages of air freight

  1. High-risk transport

    Airplanes are considered high-risk means of transportation, not just for cargoes but also for its passengers. Any flight trouble or accident will result in loss of lives and properties on board the plane.

  2. Limited capacity

    The limited capacity of the plane limits the size of the cargo you can send. Usually, airlines only allot 10-20% space for cargoes to accommodate the weight of the passenger baggage.

  3. Expensive

    Due to the speed and transport cost, it is expected for air freight to be the most expensive among all freight options. So, if time outweighs the cost, air freight is the way to go.

  4. What items or products that can benefit from air freight the most?

    Not every business has the luxury to invest in air freight on regular shipments unless the prices of the goods can shoulder the freight cost. These are the items that will benefit from air freight the most:

    1. Perishable goods

      If a friend in Manila is craving for a lechon from Cebu, air freight is the best option for you. Before the famous Cebu lechon brands opened stores in Manila, patrons of these brands used to order directly and have it shipped by plane.

    2. Expensive art pieces and jewelry

      Art and jewelry are delicate cargo that needs special storage and care. It also requires shorter transit period to ensure safety and security.

    3. Basic home items for relocation

      If you ever find yourself moving to a new city, you may want to bring your necessities with you. And if those items do not fit in the check-in baggage limitations, book it via air freight so it can reach your destination sooner.

    4. Medicines

      According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Pharmaceutical companies make up 2.6% of the total air cargo revenue. Highly important medicines can reach other cities immediately, especially during emergencies.

    5. Any other time-sensitive cargo

      Regardless if your cargo is the items above, if it is time-sensitive, it needs to be transported by air. The upcoming Christmas rush will surely need faster shipping options, especially that traffic jams and seaport congestion is expected.

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