7 Quick Tips for Safe Truck Driving

Most of the time, trucks and trailers carry essential items (e.g. cars, metals, logs, etc.) that need to be secured. Heavy-duty vehicles are also more prone to accidents and casualties. Hence, driving a truck requires extra caution and discipline. If you are a new truck driver or an owner of a trucking business, here are some quick driving tips that could help you keep the huge vehicles and the items loaded in perfect condition.

  1. Limit your speed.

This is probably the most basic yet the most helpful tip for truck driving. Heavy-duty vehicles need a great amount of clearance. Driving a truck fast can lead to losing the vehicle’s balance, and is also dangerous for nearby vehicles.

  1. Stay updated with weather reports.

Don’t attempt to drive the vehicle when there’s a typhoon because the wind can force the trailer to move, and the roads are slippery when it’s raining hard. Flooding can also cause your vehicle to be stranded.

  1. Use a GPS.

A GPS is highly recommended for all drivers because it is designed to tell you relevant road or traffic information such as roadblocks, reported accidents, alternative routes, congestion, distance before turning right/left, and more. They are extremely helpful especially for truck deliveries in unfamiliar areas.

  1. As much as possible, refrain from changing lanes.

Limit changing lanes especially when there are a lot of vehicles nearby to avoid a collision. If you think it is essential to change lanes (e.g. taking an expressway exit), then do so with extra caution.

  1. Be more alert at night.

Many vehicular accidents happen at night. Watch out for fast vehicles, cars with dead lights, blind spots and road construction. Stay awake and be vigilant.

  1. Check the truck’s overall health before leaving.

Inspect every corner of your vehicle to avoid emergency situations on the road. Check the brakes, tires, lights, water level, oil level and the engine before leaving. Don’t attempt to drive unless the vehicle is in top shape especially if you will be loading essential items.

  1. Never overload the vehicle.

Limiting the weight of your load can help prevent wear and tear on your truck as well as on the roads. Make sure to fit in the deliveries properly to avoid spilling your items on the road and causing any form of casualty.

If you want more information to prevent vehicular accidents and other safe truck driving tips, please contact Ernest Logistics Corporation. Drive safely!

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